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HMR 760

Pitbike ACE 160-4V , 160CC YX Engine

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  • ACE 160-4V , 160CC YX Engine

    "Featuring the brand new Revised YX 160cc engine beefed up Crank Cases, Needle Roller Gearbox Bearings. The oil Spinner has been replaced with a filter and a new lightweight flywheel ignition System. YX 4 Valve head conversion   Power output of 20Hp in Stock form plenty to scare the Pants off the unsuspecting! 
    New revised casting Molkt 26mm carb and Uni filter supply the Gas and Air to this Beast! The new Stomp Pro-Link Swingarm linkage has been designed to Maximise travel without using Long heavy springs. It delivers massive Progressive suspension travel on just a 350lbs Spring meaning the DNM shock does not have to work so hard allowing finer tuning. Rims are made in the same EXCELL factory and are brushed plain anodised and laced via stainless steel Spokes, No steel Rims Here!"


    New Revised YX 160cc 4 VALVE Engine 20HP Rear Wheel

    Revised Molkt 26mm Carb and Uni filter

    Twin Spar Chasis Dual Material Frame Chromo & 6061 Alloy

    Pro- Link Swingarm

    Progressive Dual DNM Shock

    7071 Heat treated Rims with Brushed Anodised finish

    Lightweight Alloy Hubs

    CNC Machined Lightweight 6061 Aluminium Alloy Swingarm

    CNC Machined 6061 Billet Clamps

    SP USD Fully adjustable Forks

    Marzocchi Optional

    7071 Heat treated Fat Bars

    INNOVA Tyres 12"x14"

    CNC machined 6061 alloy Levers.

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